Absolute Disinfecting Service | Stop Spread of COVID-19 Where You Eat, Sleep, Shop and Work.

A Long-Lasting Virus Neutralizer Safe Enough For Your Home


Help Prevent Re-Growth Of Virus Pathogens — Get A Professional Total Disinfecting Service

A one-pass spray-on solution to COVID-19.

Coronavirus spreads from hand-to-hand and air-born exposure. It can spread quickly due to long-lasting air-born viral pathogens (spores). Our Absolute Disinfecting Service uses a virus neutralizer that is Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) approved.

Long-lasting 30 to 60 day kill rate of virus pathogens.

Our Absolute Disinfecting Service is an anti-microbial, one-pass solution.
Our Absolute Disinfecting Service stops virus growth. It acts on contact with no need to wipe-down.
Our Absolute Disinfecting Service has a pathogen re-growth inhibitor that is long-lasting and eliminates odors.

Our Absolute Disinfecting Service Is Proven Protection For Your Home and Business| CDC Approved

Our top-rated Absolute Disinfecting Service uses an anti-microbial spray solution to provide on-going, preventative protection.

Protect your home. Protect your loved ones.

For over 10 years, the products we use have been proven in—eliminating many dangerous virus infestations, including SARS and Hn-1 (Bird Flu), and all treated strains of Coronavirus. Our service technicians provide residential and commercial cleanings.

  • Absolute Disinfecting Service is a COVID-19 solution.
  • Massive-scale exposure can be isolated.
  • Help stop the spread—share the news of this fantastic product.

Choose our Absolute Disinfecting Service to neutralize mold, bacteria and VIRUSES.

Help stop COVID-19 from spreading in your home

Be aware of the following:

1. Coronavirus is transmitted via touch and from air-born viral pathogens (spores), commonly known as "community" spread.

2. Coronavirus presents the most immediate human threat to two age groups, children, and the elderly. And there is currently no vaccine.

3. It is unknown whether COVID-19 is seasonal or perennial.

The number of U.S. cases largely has been confirmed from travel overseas, but the fact is there has been nearly no focused testing performed at local levels at this time.

How Our Absolute Disinfecting Service Works

Anti-Virus Strength To Clean Your Home Or Business

Our Absolute Disinfecting Service is the fastest, longest-lasting Coronavirus solution.

The products used in our Absolute Disinfecting Service are a “one-pass” spray-on solution that immediately acts on contact. After application, you don’t need to “wipe-down” a treated surface. It cleans interior and exterior surfaces.

Absolute Disinfecting Service prevents virus growth and re-growth.

Get A Professional Absolute Disinfecting Service

100% Green – Safe & Friendly
– No Pesticides

Made From Food-Grade Products

Non-Toxic | Non-Irritation | Non-Flammable | Non-Reactive

The products we use are environmentally safe – made from food-grade products. A microbial growth inhibitor, degreaser, non-corrosive stain remover, and general treatment for microbial neutralization on multiple surfaces, including fabrics and carpet.

Stop the Spread

Our Absolute Disinfecting Service treats large areas quickly, thoroughly, as a deterrent or remedy to infestation, and has long-lasting durability.
  • flammable, non-reactive.
  • Apply to both hard and fabric surfaces, without staining or discoloration.
  • After application, it acts on contact—no need to “wipe-down” a treated surface.

Unlike less sophisticated disinfecting agents that require multiple sprays, our Absolute Disinfecting Service provides surface protection and retention life of a minimum of 30 days and normal active life of 60 days after application.

The products we use contains no petroleum or petroleum derivatives, corrosives, acids, perfumes, deodorizers, ammonia, bleach, chlorine, oxidizers, or alcohol.

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